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March 17, 2013
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As the scientist had set the time-travelling machine, Joe, William, Jack and Averell Dalton got into it and waited for the man to follow them. They waited for few minutes, but he didn't come.

-What are you doing out there, you knuckle-head?- Joe asked, poking his head out from the door -We are all waiting for you, numb-skull- Oh, no!- He finally gasped, when he saw a tall, skinny young man standing in front of him.
He wore a pair of brown boots, jeans, a yellow shirt and a black waistcoat. A black lock of hair poked out from his white hat.

As he saw him, Joe's eyes got wide open. His brothers poked out too and got the same reaction.

-Lucky...Luke...- Joe murmured.
Then he started to tread his feet on the ground. -What the hack are you doing here, cowboy? Can't you see we're quite busy here?- he yelled.

The cowboy rose his gun. -Yup, Joe, I see. But there's another thing that I see, and it's that you have once again escaped from the pen- he said -Come on, I'm taking you in-

William and Jack looked at eachother in disbelief, and rose their hands up.

But then Joe took the word: -You can't bring us back, Luke- he said -not yet!-

The cowboy's eyes went wide. -What do you mean I can't bring you back?-

Joe closed his eyes and rose up a finger -There's a very important thing we must do before you take us in jail again-

Luke rose an eyebrow -What are you up to, Joe?- he asked, suspicious.

-Look, cowboy, I'm going to share with you a little secret. There's a treasure, a real precious one, hidden in the future- he said, getting closer to him -a treasure that it used to be ours.-
He took his breath, then he resumed -We forced, ehm, asked mr Smarty-Pants here to help us to find it...-
He looked at the young man again -So we can't come back until we found it-

Luke nodded -I see that is really important to you, guys, but I have to bring you back to the jail before you start making trouble around-

As he saw the cowboy taking out a rope, Joe jumped back -Luke, wait!- he exclaimed -Come with us!-

Luke's eyes went wide -What?-

-Think about it, Luke- Joe said -if you come with us, you can keep an eye on me and my brothers, so you'll make sure we won't mess around!- Then he looked at the cowboy -So? What do you say, Luke?- he asked.

The cowboy thought for a while, then he nodded his head. -You convinced me, Joe- he said -I'll come with you-

The scientist poked out from behind Luke's shoulder and looked at him -Are you sure, mr Luke?- he asked.

He nodded once -Yup. Now let's go. As soon as we find the treasure, I could bring you back in the penitentiary-

William, Jack, Averell and Joe sat on the machine' seats and so did Luke.
The scientist set the machine with the date and the place where they wanted to be brought and took a seat too.

Then there was a loud, rumbling noise. The machine started to turn and turn and then it disappeared.

The time-travel of our friends had begun.
Part 2

Guess what the treasure is? :la:
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Happypasta-Caven Apr 11, 2014  New member Professional Digital Artist
*The Daltons go back in time to where Caresse's mother gives birth to her*

Jack:*Covers ears* Joe!I hear a baby crying!
Averell:*Looks threw the window and sess me in a baby boxe with my name on the box that says: CRAESSE' SHAW TOULEN* Awww.Look at her.
Averell. I want to hug her!! :squee:
Happypasta-Caven 6 days ago  New member Professional Digital Artist
Joe:Well go in there and do it to stop the cryin'!*Covers ears*
Averell: *gets into the house through the window*
Happypasta-Caven 6 days ago  New member Professional Digital Artist
Baby Caresse'/Me:*Cries tears of blood*
Averell: *whipes away your tears*
Happypasta-Caven 6 days ago  New member Professional Digital Artist
Baby Caresse'/Me:*Giggles*
Happypasta-Caven 6 days ago  New member Professional Digital Artist
Baby Caresse'/Me:*Stops crying*
ReneeDalton Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Young Caresse'/Me:*Is wearing a white mask with slenderman's symbol on it* *Slides the mask on my head and walks into the woods* *Sees a strange machine* Sl-Slenderman,wh-whats th-that?*Points to the time machine with tencle*

Young Slenderman:I have no idea,Caresse' but it's human JUST KILL IT!
Scientist: *ses you* OMG!!
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